The Brain

Chair Tag


Time Required: 10 Minutes
Grade Required: Grades 1 to 6

Set Up:

Classroom with chairs and space to move.

Before You Start:

Make sure all students understand how to tag properly
Review that everyone gets one turn, and that students should "take the spot of the student they've tagged

How to Play:

Everyone begins standing behind his/her chair.
A student is chosen to begin, and s/he must quickly tag another student and sit in his/her chair.
The student that's been tagged must tag another student and take his/her spot.
Each student may only have one turn per round (tip ' have students raise their hands if they have not had a turn yet).
Each student has 5 seconds to tag another student, and the adult facilitates the game by counting down loudly for each student.


Students can move in pairs.
Students can have more or less time.
Students can be required to do a special "high-five" to "tag" someone.
Students in the class can work together as a team to reach a certain time goal.

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